Meet Nick

Nicholas Avery Wozniak was born on January 9, 2001 at 23 weeks, 5 days. He was in the NICU for his first 6 months and 2 days of life. During that time we almost lost him many times.

Nicholas was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus.

During his first three years Nicholas had over 23 surgeries including many shunt revisions in his brain.

When Nicholas was 6 years old, a good friend and high school football coach suggested he play Challenger baseball. Nicholas was in a wheelchair and used a walker for short distances. We never thought he would be able to play baseball. During that time we saw how special it was for families with special needs children to play sports together. The love and support from the team, coaches and parents became a support system. Our practices became group therapy sessions, all working together for one cause, to help our kids have fun playing baseball together.

We have been blessed to have Nicholas in our lives.